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Hello, I'm a Mexican living in Poznan with my Polish Wife. We got here from Mexico around 2 weeks ago; however, as we got married in Mexico we were requested to register our Marriage Certificate in the Civil Registry here in Poznan in order to be recognized by the law of the Republic of Poland. Once that we got there for the registration we were told that the Certificate contained an error as the Last Name for the Bride's Mother was shown with her unmarried Last Name and not the the one she acquired after the marriage. We explained that that's the proper way to fill out a Civil Certificate in Mexico, this was a request by the Civil Registry in Mexico as they were explicit in how to fill it out. Now they are requesting to have the Act changed but for that as we need to be physically in Mexico submit a request which can last no less than a month as they need to evaluate if the change is possible or not. We were thinking to get married once again here in Poland but for that I need to get such a certificate stating that I'm currently Single and that I can get married out of my country; however, this certificate needs to be issued in Mexico by the Civil Registry or the Embassy but it will be quite difficult as I'm already married in with my Polish Wife in Mexico. Do you have any advice on this? Do you know any other options or ways in order to register our Marriage? I do appreciate your time and assistance. Regards,


You are right, there is no possibility to get married once again in Poland, as you've already done it in Mexico.

What you can do is wait for the answer about possibility to change Mexican certificate. Maybe, according to Mexican law, it is possible to submit a request by an attorney or proxy?

Or Mexican Embassy can assist in this?

We would also suggest to contact with one of legal NGOs in Poland to get more detailed consultation is there any possibility to convince Polish Civili Registry to accept document you have already presented. Contact details to legal NGOs you can find on our website

One option would be to obtain a document from the Mexican Embassy in Poland confirming what you state in your question - such a letter could satisfy the official at the USC in Poznań.

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Polish non-governmental organisations

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Hello my name is sergio and im mexican getting married with a lady from poland and the embassy will help us to all the paperwor we need for us to be ok in poland but my question is I 7 monts ago got a 2 yrs no entryban from sweden i told that to the embassy and they told me that i got to deal with sweden for that so i call sweden and they rold me that im getting married to a girl from polan that poland has to lift my no entry ban so now im confuce please help me out

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