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Current events and services

Free Emergency Phone
Individual consultations
Come on for a word - volunteer conversations
Express yourself!
the whole world in our class 2022/2023
Meetings for women
Support group
Classes for children aged 7-11
Musical and sensory workshops for children and parents
Mums-to-be, young mums,  dear migrant women! We are here for you!
How to look for and find a job in Poland
How to be a parent and not go crazy. Course for parents and carers of children
Polish language course for foreigners at the intermediate level A2/B1.
Bolivian dances every Monday
Individual career counselling in English
Support group for seniors 60+
137 Górczewska Street
Yoga for pregnant women
Help with homework
Workshops for women: Creative space
I am looking for a job in Poland - information meeting
Shantala massage – free workshop for parents
Birth & Parenting Classes in English – june 2023
Shantala massage - workshops in Russian

Individual consultations

Integration Advisor
Development and Company Establishment Specialist
Children's psychologist
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