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My situation is so complicated. I do not know where to find any power to go on. Please, help me. I met my husband abroad and arrived to Poland with my 6 years old son.We are from Turkmenistan. I had to resing from my good job. We had a marriage in POland in 2009 September. I could not find a job for 1.5 years old, had a depression and problems. But finally I got a job, my son three years go to School here. but now, my husand wants to divorce me. He has his intercyza, house, account. this is not a problem for me. IN September 2012 I could have got Karta Stalego Pobytu. But my husband refuses to go and apply for Karta. So, when It expires in Sept, what should I do? I have my work here, my son goes 3 year to polish school from zerowka. SO, those three years are for what? Can I get karat Pobytu without my husband, but i have only rented appartment. IS it a problem? but I have my job. Please, help me. Where can I get a lawer?


Your possibilities depend on details - and indeed a visit to a lawyer, who could see your documents is a very good idea.

In general, as long as you have a legal job, it is possible to legalize your further stay in Poland.

You need to take care of filing application in this matter 45 days before your current card expires, at the latest.

I suggest you contact one of the legal non-governmental organizations, who provide free legal help to foreigners.

Check up our CONTACTS section for telephone numbers and addresses of those organizations.

In Warsaw, we recommend Association for Legal Intervention (Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej - SIP), Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Fundacja Helsińska); In Krakow - Halina Niec Human Rights Association, in Lublin - Fundacja Insytut na rzecz Państwa Prawa.

In all institution, legal aid is professional and free.

It is best to call for appointment, and prepare for a visit - collect all important documents related to your stay in Poland until now: legalization decisions and correspondence, documents relating to your child legalization and school attendance, marriage certificate as well.

You should also know that as a wife of a Polish citizen you have a right to work in Poland without a work permit. If you cease to be a wife before receiving permanent stay permit, you also lose the right to work without the permit - so to continue employment you would need to receive a work permit.

In Poland, it is the employer that applies for a work permit for his/her employee. In your situation, it would be best to ask your employer to apply for a work permit for you, practically immediately. You will need this permit to apply for legalization of your stay after divorce (or even before the divorce, if your husband won't assist you filing the papers).

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