Polish Migration Forum

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Our adress:

Szpitalna Street 5/14 

00-031 Warsaw, Poland

e-mail: info@forummigracyjne.org

tel. 00 48 22 110 00 85

Would you like to donate?

You may transfer money to our bank account or use Paypal

bank name: ING Bank Śląski, o/Warszawa

bank address: ul. Powstańców Śląskich 

IBAN: PL79 1050 1025 1000 0023 1482 7813 

swift code: INGBPLPW 

title of the transfer: donation for the statutory objectives

Our team:

Agnieszka Kosowicz, President of the Board (information projects, Migroteka)           

e-mail: a.kosowicz@forummigracyjne.org

phone number: 0048 661 521 288

Marta Piegat Kaczmarczyk, Board Member ( multicultural psychologist)

e-mail: m.piegat-kaczmarczyk@forummigracyjne.org

Zuzanna Rejmer, Board Member (multicultural psychologist, project coordinator)

e-mail: z.rejmer@forummigracyjne.org

Karolina Czerwińska, Project coordinator (I am a mom in Poland)

e-mail: k.czerwinska@forummigracyjne.org

phone number: 0048 697 222 323

Alla Maievska, Beneficiary consultant

e-mail: a.maievska@forummigracyjne.org
phone number: 0048 692 913 993