Permanent stay in Poland for foreigners

Permanent residency in Poland and how to obtain it - description of legal forms, requirements and rights offered to foreigners from outside of the EU, who seek to permanently settle in Poland.

The leaflet is available in Polish, English and Russian. It was prepared under the Information Center for Foreigners project, co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals and the State budget.

ATTENTION, LONG TERM EU RESIDENTS! The publication mentiones about a possibility of long residents in Poland to receive similar status in another EU country. However, foreigners are required to meet additional criteria to do this, various in various countries. In some countries - they need to be legally present on the territory of this state, in others - they need to receive a work permit first. Please check with the Embassy of a specific country for more details. Receiving the resident statuts in another country is not an automatic process. One has to fulfill additional criteria.


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