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Yoga with Carla / Joga con Carla


Yoga with Carla / Joga con Carla
Yoga with Carla / Joga con Carla

Yoga with Carla


20 March at 4 pm

10 April at 4 pm

17 April at 4 pm

24 April at 4 pm


at MAL Grójecka 109


Please bring your own training mats.



tel. 692-913-993

email: zapisy@forummigracyjne.org


Come and join us for yoga regardless of your level and purpose!

The yoga sessions are a combination of mindful and powerful movements, stillness, breathing, a compassionate connection with ourselves, little self-care wisdom nuggets and meditations. It's an all-encompassing approach that I have developed influenced by my yoga and transpersonal therapy background and personal experience.

It’s an invitation for you to experience yourself fully, take some time off for yourself and have some fun in a safe and calm space.


Carla is Spanish and Costa Rican. Since she moved out of Switzerland, where she was born, she has lived in 11 countries. Her last stop is Poland, where she has spent the last 5 years immersing herself in the culture. A transpersonal therapist and yoga instructor, she is passionate about finding the things that bring us love, health and balance in life. She is following her own path towards a more conscious, compassionate and minimalist lifestyle.

She graduated from the Spanish School of Transpersonal Therapy in Madrid. A certified yoga instructor through the Vrinda School of Yoga in India. Carla generates spaces of listening and love for those who are on their own path of self-discovery, and supports them with care in their own journey of self-acceptance. She offers individual therapy sessions, workshops and yoga sessions. She communicates in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Polish.



Venez nous rejoindre pour faire du yoga, quel que soit votre niveau et votre objectif !

Les séances de yoga sont une combinaison de mouvements conscients et puissants, d'immobilité, de respiration, d'une connexion aimable avec nous-mêmes, de petites pépites de sagesse et de méditations. C'est une approche globale que j'ai développée, basée sur ma formation en yoga et en thérapie transpersonnelle, ainsi que sur mon expérience personnelle.

C'est une invitation à se découvrir pleinement, à prendre du temps pour soi et à s’amuser dans un espace sûr et calme.

Veuillez apporter vos tapis d'exercice.


tel. 692-913-993

email: zapisy@forummigracyjne.org




Ven y únete a nosotros para practicar yoga, ¡independientemente de tu nivel y propósito!

Las sesiones de yoga son una combinación de movimientos conscientes y poderosos, quietud, respiración, una conexión compasiva con nosotros mismos, pequeñas pepitas de sabiduría y meditaciones. Es un enfoque integral que he desarrollado basado en mi formación como instructora de yoga, en terapia transpersonal y en mi experiencia personal.

Es una invitación para que te experimentes plenamente, dediques tiempo para ti y te diviertas en un espacio seguro y tranquilo.


Por favor, traigan sus colchonetas.


tel. 692-913-993

email: zapisy@forummigracyjne.org


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