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One for All, All for one

Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
01. 10. 2018 - 30. 09. 2019
Project status
150000,00 USD - total budget
Source of financing
Foundation Open Society Institute

Project description

Activities aimed at people in the application procedure for international protection.

Project goals

The main goal of the project is to increase the potential in Poland for supporting immigrants and refugees through:

  • Offering direct support and advice to migrants in crises, especially refugees who have managed to reach Poland, and the protection of their human rights in relations with Polish authorities;
  • Increasing the quality of integration support offered to migrants by sharing knowledge, implementing good practices at the local level and improving the quality of activities directed at migrants both within the Consortium and among other leaders;
  • Spreading the idea of ​​helping migrants in Polish society and providing reliable information on migration, especially refugees, to opinion leaders.


Polish Migration Forum is involved in the implementation of the component titled "On local level." As part of it, project partners are involved in providing guidance at a local level in 4 cities (Lublin, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław). In the case of PFM - it is psychological and vocational counseling. Through our activities, we co-create a kind of network of services in various parts of the country. Mutual assistance of Consortium members is also important here - because we have various specialists, we support each other in difficult cases and share knowledge.


  • Polish Migration Forum Foundation
  • Amnesty International Poland
  • Centre for Migration Studies (Migrant Info Point)
  • "Our Choice" Foundation
  • Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
  • Polish Hospitality ("Chlebem i Solą" and "uchodźcy.info" portal)
  • Homo Faber Association
  • Association for Legal Intervention
  • Nomada Association
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