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Invitation to Bid - Sleeping Bags / Bid # PFM 1/10/2023



The Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM) has received a grant from Danish Refugee Council (DRC) for the implementation of the humanitarian aid operation entitled Protection Monitoring. Part of this operation is the supply of the sleeping bags. Therefore, the Polish Migration Forum invites bidders to submit price bid for the supply of the item listed on the attached Bid Form Annex A. Rules and regulations concerning the bidding process are listed in the document ITB PFM Tender Offer - Sleeping Bags.

Please, read the bidding offer and regulations attached below for the necessary bidding forms and submit the offer, as well as the item sample, by November 5th, 2023, 12:00 CET.



Tender documentation was updated 2023/10/17. In the section "Item (including specification)" following information was changed:
“mummy or rectangular shape” changed to "mummy shape".

The corrected documents are:
Sleepingbags ITB Tender (Updated: 23/10/17)
Annex A.1 - Technical Bid (Updated: 23/10/17)
Annex A.2 - Financial Bid (Updated: 23/10/17)


Annex B_ Tender and Contract Award Acknowledgment Certificate
Annex C_ Supplier Profile and Registration Form
Annex A.2_ Financial Bid_updated_2023_10_17
Sleepingbags ITB Tender - National & International_updated_2023_10_17
Annex A.1_ Technical Bid_updated_2023_10_17
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