Dear mothers-to-be! We would like to invite you to a meeting for pregnant women. The meeting consists of two parts: yoga for pregnant women and discussion of current problems over tea.

Yoga for pregnant women is about:

1. Good health: gentle exercises to improve the condition of the back, pelvis, alleviate swelling, strengthen muscles involved in childbirth and build confidence.

2. Relaxation practice: learning relaxation techniques to support childbirth.

3. Benefits for the baby: feeling connected to the baby, prenatal contact with the baby. The baby gets more oxygen as a result of mum’s yoga, so yoga is good for the baby.


After yoga at a tea meeting, a prenatal psychologist and doula will answer your questions about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

For whom? 

The class is open to all mums-to-be from 14 weeks of pregnancy who have no medical contraindications (consult your doctor).

Classes are held in Russian and Ukrainian.


Where: Polish Migration Forum Foundation (ul. Górczewska 137, 3 p.)

Dates: every week on Fridays at 12:00

Classes are free of charge. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis, the number of places is limited.


Please send applications to:

  • tel. 692-913-993

Leading: Marharyta Olshanska – perinatal psychologist, doula, has experience in leading yoga classes for pregnant women for over 10 years, mother of four.