The purpose of the support group is the integration and socialization of elderly people from Ukraine, Poland and other countries living in Warsaw, the activation of elderly people, combating loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety, developing abilities, sharing experiences and increasing self-esteem, improving skills for overcoming daily problems, psychological education, help in solving difficulties associated with the crisis of old age.


Who is this group for?

We invite people aged 60+ from Ukraine, Poland and other countries who:

  • · want to know themselves or understand what is happening in their life;
  • · are looking for communication, want to have a good time in the circle of peers;
  • · are looking for new ways of development;
  • · feel lonely, lost or unable to cope with the challenges of the modern world;
  • · have difficulties in communicating with the younger generation;
  • · have lost someone close to them and cannot cope with it;
  • · want to acquire new skills in communicating with other people.



The language of the group will meet your needs (Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, English).


What will we do?

  • · group discussions
  • · art therapy
  • · psychological support
  • · psychoeducation
  • · integration classes
  • · interpersonal (interpersonal) trainings
  • · memory and attention trainings
  • · communicative games
  • · interesting creative activities
  • bibliotherapy
  • classes with elements of psychodrama;
  • relaxation



every Wednesday from 15.00 to 17.30 (10 weeks)

Start of classes:   May 10

Who conducts?

Maria Sobol: tel. 516 902 632

Certified occupational therapist, art therapist, coach, intercultural worker, integrative psychotherapist (in the field of study) in Poland. He comes from Ukraine and has personal experience of migration. For several years, he has been conducting psychoeducational and developmental classes, individual consultations and support groups for children, adolescents and adults. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, he has been actively working with refugees from Ukraine in the field of integration and social adaptation, trauma therapy and PTSD.

Schedule: May 10–July 12, 2023


Górczewszka 137, Warszawa (Księcia Janusza metro station, metro exit #7)
Contact: (+48) 516-902-632 lub