“Be close” support group for parents and carers


The meetings will be held every Tuesday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, 137 Górczewska Street
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People are the greatest value. It is thanks to others that we can feel that we are heard, it is thanks to others that we can check our doubts, feel belonging and closeness, and sometimes also see areas for change in ourselves or our relationships. When we are confronted with what is difficult, we do not want to be alone. Then it is important to know that there are others we can rely on. This is the safe space we want to create for parents with migration or refugee experience. A space where there will be room for your story, feelings, conversations, sharing experience and discovering new opportunities, but above all, a space to support each other. Supporting each other in parenting, but not only. Therefore, from December 6, a support group “Be close” for parents and carers will be launched.
The classes are free.
The number of places is limited. We invite parents and guardians of children of all ages. Power is in the group!!!
The classes are conducted by Jana Lisna-Nozykowska, a psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in solution-focused therapy. For eleven years she has been working with families, helping to establish relationships between loved ones. She has many years of experience in working with parents and children in crisis situations. As part of his private practice, he conducts individual psychotherapy using an integrative approach, working under constant supervision. She is the mother of two daughters.