Hello Neighbor

Active Citizens Fund

Activities to integrate and counteract discrimination against migrant women living in three suburban municipalities: Marki, Izabelin, Podkowa Leśna.

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to integrate and counteract the exclusion and discrimination of migrants living in three sub-Warsaw communes: Marki, Izabelin, Podkowa Leśna.


These municipalities are often chosen by foreigners as a more affordable housing option, while simultaneously taking up employment in the capital. Through project activities, we want to integrate “new neighbors” even more strongly into the life of the local community and break the model of treating the place of living as a “bedroom”. In cooperation with three local schools (one school from each municipality), we will conduct comprehensive training activities for teaching staff and the student community, and together we will develop SCHOOL STRATEGIES FOR SUPPORTING CULTURAL DIVERSITY. Each school will be supported by an intercultural assistant(s). Students will be able to participate in intercultural workshops led by our trainers. We will also take measures to improve the competence of local government officials in the area of integration of the migrant community, including through training and publication of the LOCAL INTEGRATION MODEL. We will organize INFORMATION AND ADVICE POINTS for foreigners, where they will be able to receive legal and integration support on the spot. There will be meetings on legalization of residence and other important issues for foreigners. We will also implement the component THROUGH SPORTS TO INTEGRATION – there will be sports integration picnics, especially aimed at youth, and social campaigns.


Thanks to the project activities, we want to further integrate “new neighbors” into the life of the local community and break the model of treating the place of living as a “bedroom”

Program partners

The project is the result of cooperation between the Polish Migration Forum Foundation, the offices of the municipalities of Marki, Izabelin and Podkowa Leśna, and the Foundation for Freedom. The project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA and Norwegian Funds under the Active Citizens – Regional Fund Program.


More about the project at: www.witamsasiada.pl