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Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
01.07.2022 - 31.12.2023
Project status
Source of financing

Project description

Professional activation and support for people with migration experience in setting up a business.

Project goals

Professional activation and support in setting up a business for foreigners with migration experience in Poland; Increasing the level of knowledge and professional skills of project participants; Increasing opportunities for social and economic integration of foreigners; Enabling project participants to acquire new skills and professional qualifications.


Individual professional consultations and business coaching; Vocational training in selected industries; industry related language courses; Professional internships in companies; organization of job fairs; Advising in the legal and formal-administrative field related to setting up a business.


Increasing the chances of employment and getting a job in a profession corresponding to the qualifications and experience of project participants; Development of participants' interpersonal and professional skills; Improvement of living conditions and social and economic integration of project participants; Increasing the number of new companies established by foreigners.


Ministry of Family and Social Policy; Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives - project leader; Companies and enterprises where work placements will take place; Training and language institutions; Labor offices and employment agencies.
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