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The whole world in our classroom 2019/2020

Cały świat w naszej klasie 2019/2020
Focus area
Education of migrants in Poland
01. 09. 2019 - 30. 10. 2020
Project status
77 000,00 zł
Source of financing
The Education Office in Warsaw

Project description

The project builds openness and tolerance towards immigrants, refugees and culturally diverse people.

Project goals

  • to familiarize children with the characteristics of cultures [cognitive sphere]
  • preparing children to function in an intercultural environment by forming an attitude of respect for cultural diversity and an attitude of peaceful resolution of cultural misunderstandings [emotional and volitional sphere].

The above-mentioned goals are the direct goals of the project. The indirect goal is to encourage the teaching staff and parents to promote an attitude of openness and tolerance towards cultural diversity in the course of their didactic and pedagogical activities (teachers), everyday play (parents).


  • reprint and distribution of the "The whole world in our classroom" educational package in the field of intercultural education, dedicated to the respective groups of foreigners present in Poland. The educational package consists of the Treasury of knowledge, Intercultural fairy tales, Intercultural activity scenarios and Memo games;
  • conducting workshops in the field of intercultural education based on the above-mentioned Package in pre-schools, pre-school departments and primary schools for 5-7 year-old children;
  • psychological support for children experiencing violence and discrimination including their parents;
  • conducting a workshop for multilingual and multicultural families, thanks to which parents will acquire competences to support their children and cultivate multilingualism and multiculturalism;
  • organizing and conducting photo sessions documenting project activities, and then using photos for the purposes of promoting the project and PFM's activities for multiculturalism.


Hard results:

  • distribution of part of the Package (Treasury of Knowledge, Intercultural Fairy Tales, Memo Game) among teachers from pre-schools and schools in the Capital City of Warsaw, where workshops for children will take place;
  • conducting intercultural workshops for children in pre-schools and schools;
  • participation of about 300 children in intercultural workshops from Warsaw pre-schools or primary schools running pre-school departments;
  • psychological support for children experiencing violence and discrimination (and parental support), a total of 172 hours of support;
  • conducting 1 workshop for multilingual and multicultural families;
  • conducting 9 photo sessions during workshops and photo post-production;
  • writing and publishing in articles on integration and education of migrants at a Polish school.

    Soft results:
  • to familiarize children with cultural diversity and to show positive effects resulting from the fact that Poland is becoming a culturally diverse country;
  • support for parents and teachers in the process of intercultural education of children;
  • filling the gap in the market of educational materials and aids in intercultural education;
  • support for children, who have experienced discrimination, in the process of rebuilding positive self-esteem and dealing with manifestations of discrimination;
  • raising multilingual and multicultural families' self-esteem and belonging to the local and school environment;
  • to minimize the risk of speech and hate acts (acts of discrimination and racial intolerance).
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