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Support for migrants with oncology illnesses and disabilities.

Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
01. 12. 2018 - 30. 11. 2021
Project status
207650,00 PLN
Source of financing
Warsaw Municipality, own contribution

Project description

Improving the access of migrants with disabilities and oncologically ill migrants to the health care system.

Project goals

The goal of this project is to improve access to necessary support for migrants with disabilities and migrants with serious illnesses within the possibilities of the Polish healthcare system.

We also want to make sure facilities supporting the sick and people with disabilities will be willing and ready to also support those in need coming from other countries.


  • securing support for migrant families through consultations with a psychologist and a specialist in early support for child development
  • preparing information for migrants about living with a disability in Poland.
  • securing access to psycho-oncological assistance for individuals struggling with cancer.
  • preventative healthcare (publication for migrants)
  • networking - building relations between the migrant support system and the support system for people with oncological illnesses and with disabilities.


  • 200 migrants will receive psychological assistance,
  • 100 migrants (parents and children) will benefit from the support of a specialist in early support for child development,
  • 6 informational meetings about living with a disability for migrants,
  • 6 study visits for migrant parents and NGO networks supporting migrants in specialized facilities working with people with disabilities.
  • 15 individuals covered by the help of a psychooncologist.
  • preventative healthcare actions (brochure, leaflet, poster).


City of Warsaw, Warsaw Family Support Center
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