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Focus area
Education of migrants in Poland
2.05.2017 - 30.11.2017
Project status
39 170,00 PLN
Source of financing
Ministry of Foreign Affairs program "Polish Aid"
Warsaw, ul. Szpitalna 5/14

Project description

We wish to show the participants how can they have an impact on the situation of refugees.

The activities are to involve children, youth and youth leaders and activists.

We have planned a series of outdoor games that engage the participants into activities and provoke critical thinking. We have also invited refugees to take part in the activities as guests.

Most games will take place in the out-of-school environment: in scout camps, summer schools etc.

We will also work with youth leaders - training them to work with youth on the refugee-related issues.

Project goals

The main aim of the project is to show the participants what are the reasons of forced migration, and what is the impact of it on individuals and countries in the countries of origin and the countries of exile.

We also want to mobilize the participants to undertake their own, local initiatives to respond to the needs of refugees.


There will be 15 field games organized for children and youth, on reasons and impact of forced migration.


Estimated group of 300 participants will take part in the field games.

The workshop for leaders is designed for 15 participants.

We hope that they will develop understanding of why people flee their countries - and what can be done to help them.

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