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My career in Poland II

Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
Project status
698 300 PLN
Source of financing
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
integration on labour market
Szpitalna 5/14

Project description

Project „My career in Poland” is realized in cooperation with Institute of Public Affairs. The main objective is to offer essential knowledge and skills for foreigners, who wish to work legally in Poland, by either receiving a possibility of employment or by running independent business

Project goals

- increasing the knowledge and skills of foreigners regarding legal work opportunities in Poland

- increasing the knowledge and skills regarding establishing and managing an independent company,

- publishing educational materials about effective methods of job search, establishment and management of an independent company in Poland. P

- publishing materials for employers about foreigner employment


preparing a publication with information for Polish employers,

- workshops with career consultant aimed at foreigners,

- induction trainings (various options available, depending of the needs - “Me and Polish labor market” or “My independent business unit in Poland” (in cooperation with Institute of Public Affairs)),

- motivational and adaptation trainings for all participants (Institute of Public Affairs),

- consultations with legal and career advisors, as well as self-employment and accountancy experts


Institute of Public Affairs
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