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My career in Poland

Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
January 2014 - June 2015
Project status
304 675 PLN
Source of financing
European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals and state budget
integration on labour market

Project description

The project supports migrants on Polish labour market: expanding their competences to look for a job or to start own business.

Project goals

The project has three major aims:
  • To give the migrants orientation and awareness necessary to improve their situation on the labour market through employment or self-employment,
  • To provide information to Polish employees on employing migrant staff,
  • To prepare complex information tools for migrants and Polish employers on employment of migrants in Poland, including self-employment.
  • Activities

    • sociological research on the topic,
    • preparation and distribution of publication "I work in Poland", dedicated for migrants,
    • preparation of a publication on employment of migrants for Polish employees,
    • orientation sessions for migrants presenting options available on Polish labour market (employment vs. self-employment)

      training sessions on looking for a job, and on setting up own business,

    • specialist consultations (accounting, labour law, self-employment specialists etc.)


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