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Migration Helpline

Focus area
October 2007-December 2011
Project status
54 350 PLN (FOP), 110 000 PLN (EFI 2009)
Source of financing
EFI, EEC Financial Mechanisms, Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Polish government NGO Fund.
Integration of refugees in Poland

Project description

The Helpline is an online tool to ask questions related to refugees and migrants - and receive online answers on the website of our Polish Migration Forum.

Project goals

The purpose of the project is to provide practical assistance and answers to people wishing to broaden their understanding of the situation of refugees and migrants. Through providing such assistance, we hope to promote understanding of migrants and limit their discrimination in Poland.

The project also has another aim - to strenghten our organization: it gives members of PFM the possibility to receive a number of trainings, and allows us to develop our office and logistical resources.


The expected results of the project are increased public awareness of refugees and migrants in Poland, and greater capacity of staff working with refugees to perform their duties.

The planned result of the second aspect of the project - related to our development as an organization - we hope to receive training that will help us run and develop PFM smoothly and successfully.

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