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Languages ​​- the key to exploring the world! Strengthening language, social and cognitive competences of Warsaw's school students.

Focus area
Education of migrants in Poland
01. 09. 2020 - 30. 11. 2020
Project status
72 160,00 PLN
Source of financing
The Education Office in Warsaw

Project description

Project supporting students’ multilingualism

Project goals

  • Supporting students with a migration background (both foreigners and Poles) in learning the Polish language.
  • Integrating students with a migration background with their classmates.
  • Generally raising children’s motivation to learn languages.
  • Raising interest in other languages and acceptance for language diversity.


  • Organising and holding 15 location-based language games.
  • Language and integration workshop: “Languages our class’ superpower!” – designed for younger students (kindergarten and grades 1-3)
  • Developing and publishing „Dzienniczek – słowniczek” (eng. Daybook – dictionary) together with methodical manuals for teachers and parents.
  • Training for teachers: "Multilingual student – how to facilitate his/her integration, development and language potential.”
  • Individual consultations for children and parents/caretakers from multilingual families (foreigners, migrant Poles, bicultural families)
  • Informational campaign promoting the knowledge of languages and language diversity, titled: “Languages – superpower!”


  • approximately 300 students will take part in location-based integration games focusing on the theme of multilingualism
  • approximately 220 students will take part in language and integration workshops
  • 12 teachers will raise their competences in teaching multilingual students learning Polish language
  • approximately 10 people (5 children and 5 parents) will benefit from individual consultations
  • the creation of the tool "Dzienniczek – słowniczek", which perfects language skills of multilingual students learning the Polish language. It will be available online. Information about the tool will reach approximately 1000 parents and 300 teachers.
  • the preparation of methodology manuals for “Dzienniczek – słowniczek” for teachers and parents and its translation into 4 languages (English, Russian, Vietnamese and Arabic). The publications will be available online. Information about them will reach approximately 1000 parents and 300 teachers.
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