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I'm a Nanny in Poland

Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
June-October 2016
Project status
27 900 PLN
Source of financing
Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

Project description

Project „I’m a Nanny in Poland” is aimed at migrant women in Poland. It would address women, which plan to start working as babysitters. The other objective is to motivate women returning to labor market after giving birth.

Project goals

- providing knowledge for migrant women about work processes related with caregiver job,

- discussing issues and opportunities related with babysitter job in accordance with The Nursery Act,

- opportunities of active involvement for women considering babysitter job


- workshops and meetings concerning chances of working as caregiver,

- individual consultations with career advisors,

- visits at nurseries and kid’s clubs


- organizing workshops and consultations for 50 participants and other activities for 350 participants,

- preparing a publication on the legal aspects and regulations connected with business activity in caregiver work

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