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First steps in Poland

Pierwsze kroki w Polsce
Focus area
Integration of forced migrants in Poland
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2021
Project status
całość: 684 893,00 zł / PFM: 405 318,00
Source of financing
AMIF National Programme
Mazovia voivodship
ul. Szpitalna 5/14, Warszawa

Project description

Legal, psychological and integration support for children and adults seeking asylum in Poland

Project goals

  • I. Improving the mental and emotional well-being of children and their guardians seeking international protection in Poland.
  • II. Increasing parents' knowledge of childcare, especially with developmental difficulties.
  • III. Improving access to legal assistance for third countries seeking protection in Poland, as well as increasing their knowledge of their rights and obligations.
  • IV. Support in the area of ​​education and preintegration of children and adults, by conducting after-school and compensatory classes (for children), taking families under the care of a family assistant and conducting information meetings (for adults).
  • V. Activation of children and adults applying for international protection in the direction of increasing contact with Polish society.
  • VI. Improving relations between the local community (host society) and third-country nationals residing in the center.
  • VI. Improving the quality of education available to children with experience of forced migration, by improving the cooperation of local institutions: schools, psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, centers for foreigners (including organizations working there).
  • VII. Raising the competences of teachers, school principals, local government officials responsible for education, pedagogues and psychologists in the field of working with a child with refugee experience and running an intercultural school.


The project involves providing comprehensive support - psychological, legal, integration - to third-country nationals applying for international protection in Poland. The activities are carried out in centers for foreigners in Dębak, Linin, in Warsaw's Targówek. The main subject of the project activities are minors. However, this group is broadly understood - extended to the closest environments, i.e. the family as well as teachers and the school environment. In this way, the project holistically responds to the needs in the area of ​​psychological, educational and integration support. Legal counseling is also an important component of the project, which contributes to safeguarding the interests of the family, including children.

As part of the project, there are regular club activities at the Targówek center, and there is also a family assistant who supports them in effective integration. Trips and integration events are implemented for the same purpose. The key element of the project is regularly provided legal counseling, psychological support and specialist for early support of child development. In addition, activities targeted at the teaching, pedagogical and psychologists from pedagogical and psychological counseling centers are envisaged. The working group established under the project develops standards for the diagnosis and therapy of a child with experience of forced migration - the result is a specialized publication. Practical training directed to the educational environment is also carried out. 'Intercultural school in practice' and 'A child with forced migration experience'.

  • Action 1 - Direct psychological support for children and families as well as support for the development of children staying in centers for foreigners
  • Action 2 - Providing legal assistance to applicants for protection in Poland
  • Action 3 - Organization of educational club work in the center, individual work with families (family assistants) and information meetings for adults - a center for foreigners in Targówek
  • Action 4 - Activation for establishing contacts with Polish society and integration
  • Action 5 - Activities consolidating and raising the competences of the psychologists, pedagogues and teachers working with children with experience of forced migration
  • Action 6 - Training for teachers (2 types)
  • A) "A child with forced migration. Training for psychologists, educators, teachers. "
  • B) "Intercultural school in practice".


I.I. Permanent weekly roster of child psychologist working with children and families at the center for foreigners in Targówek; conducting therapy and diagnosis.

I.II. Implementation of diagnostic and psychoeducational psychological support for children and their parents staying in centers in Dębak and Linin.

II.I. Conducting consultations and therapy of an specialist in early support of children's development, especially for children with developmental difficulties, in rotation at the centers in Targówek, Dębak and Linin

III.I. Conducting legal consultations (including providing information on matters related to proceedings for granting refugee status and in return procedures) on a rotational basis in centers in Targówek, in Dębak, Linin and in the PFM office in the center of Warsaw.

IV.I. Conducting regular club activities (3 days a week) of compensatory and educational character for children staying in the center for foreigners in Targówek.

IV.II. Providing direct support to families living in Targówek through individual work with a family assistant (information, motivating to action, support in relations with institutions / administration).

IV.III. Realization of four informational meetings titled "Health and hygiene" for adults living in the center in Targówek (1 x 6 months).

V.I. Implementation of cyclical trips allowing active participation in the cultural and social life of the city (cinema, museums, the most important monuments of Warsaw, etc.) for children and families staying at the center in Targówek (20 trips during the project).

V.II. and VI.I. Organization of integration events for people staying at the Targówek center and local community (1 event per year)

VII.I. Establishment of a working group and implementation of a 2-day meeting, aimed at developing standards for the diagnosis and therapy of children experiencing trauma due to refugee.

VII.II. Development and publication of a publication presenting developed diagnostic and therapeutic standards and good practices in the field of work with children experiencing trauma as a result of refugee (350 copies).

VII.III. Organization and implementation of the conference addressed to psychologists, educators, therapists, teachers summarizing the work of the working group, presenting diagnostic and therapeutic standards and good practices.

VIII.I. Conducting four trainings entitled "A child with experience of refugee" disseminating developed diagnostic and therapeutic standards and good practices, addressed to representatives of psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, schools, centers for foreigners and non-governmental organizations working in them - especially those which have direct care of centers in Dębak, Linin and in Targówek.

VIII.II. Conducting two trainings entitled "Intercultural school in practice", addressed to school principals, local governments dealing with education, teachers and educators.


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