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The whole world in our class, 2011-2016

Focus area
Education of migrants in Poland
April - December 2016
Project status
2011: 100580 PLN (grant of 80 000 PLN), 2013: 50600 (grant 40 000 PLN); 2014: 25300, donation 20000;
Source of financing
Bureau of Education of the Warsaw City Hall

Project description

The project develops tolerance and openness towards migrants and refugees among kindergarden aged children (5-6 yrs).

Project goals

  • offering the children basic knowledge of other cultures
  • prepaing the children to function in a multicultural environment through developing their tolerance and skills in non vilent solutions to multicultural misunderstandings

In addition, the project aims at promoting tolerance and opennes among kindergarden and early-education teachers (to be included in their daily work with children), and among parents.


  • Preparing and publishing an education pack "A world in our classroom", focussing on five cultures representing main groups of asylum seekers in Poland: from Chechnya, Belarus, Somalia, Iraq and Vietnam. The pack consists of lesson scenarios, multicultural fairytales, memo cards, infopack on countries of origin.
  • Conducting a series of workshops for kindergarden children, based on the education pack.
  • Conducting a series of open workshops Multi-Kulti-Play for children and their parents.
  • Preparing various teaching materials: puppets, memo, puzzle, stickers and a board game - all related to the series of fairy tales.
  • Results

    • Multicultural education pack "A world in our classroom".
    • Workshops for kindergarden children in 13 kindergardens/pre-school classes (100 hrs of workshops for 300 children).
    • Making the education pack available online (at www.forummigracyjne.org)
    • Multi-Kulti-Play workshops for 100 children (25 hrs).

    In addition, the project results in:

    • making children aware of the cultural diversity of Warsaw and Poland, developing their appreciation to diversity,
    • supporting parents and teachers in their roles in develping multicultrual awareness of children,
    • preparing education tools for young children on multicultural education.


    Bureau of Education of the Warsaw City Hall
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