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World Refugee Day - An appeal for the opening

World Refugee Day - An appeal for the opening

Hello! Greetings to you!

Do you know the feeling of opening a window when it is stuffy inside or opening the door that guests are waiting for?

A fresh breath of air, a new look - we invite you to do so.

In a few days we will be celebrating the 20th World Refugee Day. Although there have never been so many refugees in the world in history, we do not want to be saturated with images of suffering or give flowers and gifts on this day. We want to emphasize the courage and strength of millions of people who are currently fighting for their lives. We want to show that each of us can contribute to their safety. This is a good time to remind people of human dignity and solidarity support.

What are we talking about? Tens of millions of people are at risk of dying from wars, persecution and climate disasters. Refugees are struggling for their lives trying to cross other closed borders. They run away from violence in their country of origin and then experience it at the borders and on the streets of our cities. The excluded, isolated in camps on the Greek islands, wait for years for Europe to protect them. Without water, heating, food, school, deprived of their liberty they spend many years waiting for the dream of a safe home to come true. Others bounce off the border of the Commonwealth several dozen times, because its guards "don't hear" requests for protection. Still others, in our inaction, lose their lives at sea before they can pronounce the word "asylum."

These phenomena are not visible on the tips of our noses. Absorbed by the virus and ourselves we lost sight of others, even the most needy.

Today we look at the refugees with admiration. We see with what courage and strength they fight for their lives.

At the same time, we are looking towards European governments that are not meeting their commitments. Closed passageways, shots on the border, barbed wire and pushing crumbling boats off the shores - this is not a good answer to the needs of desperate people.

When governments fail, it's time for us. Our civic duty is opposition and action. Civic discord can no longer be limited to declarations. This is the time of action. Therefore, we appeal to everyone for whom the value is truth, care and respect for other people, mutual kindness and fulfillment of legal obligations - let us not leave people in need without support.

There are a lot of us! So we speak loudly - enough apologies for the actions of our governments. It's high time for joint action. Let's react to violence, let's not accept taking dignity from people. Let's trust our intentions, the good that is in each and every one of us. Together, we can influence the fate of many people.

You can really do a lot. You can start with a simple action: join our event on FB, read our news, take part in online meetings and share this knowledge with people around you, support those who work for refugees and refugees. The more we are, the greater the chance for change. Let's not be indifferent.

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