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Intercultural workshops

Intercultural workshops

PFM conducts city games and workshops in schools and pre-schools about intercultural education and migration. We sensitize children to the situations and experiences of their peers who immigrated to Poland. Check if we are currently recruiting for projects or order a customised workshop. 

Since its inception, the Foundation works according to the principle that it is easier to counteract the emergence of cultural prejudices than to dismantle them. That is why for years we have been working in schools and pre-schools, already working in the area of intercultural education with the youngest. 

We are currently conducting the following activities as part of our work with the youngest: 



Our offer in a few words: Qualified trainers visit your school/pre-school and lead lessons on multiculturalism and migration.

Place: primary schools and pre-schools in Warsaw and the Mazovian Voivodeship

Program outline: During the workshops, participants meet six children who came to Poland from different parts of the world. These children's voices are spoken by beautifully, hand-sewn dolls throughout the workshop. Children become familiar with different cultural greetings and traditions. This workshop is also a chance to talk about why people leave their countries and search for happiness in Poland, why their skin colors differ and what they dream for. We encourage teachers to join as observers, who will also receive the educational package "The whole world in our classroom" that includes: the treasury of knowledge, intercultural fairy tales, all-day activity scenarios, set of coloring books, a puzzle, memory cards and other additional materials. With these materials, teachers can continue to lead lessons for children about the cultures, traditions as well as concerns and joys of the characters in "The whole world in our classroom." 

Age groups:

Project coordinator: Anna Maciejko, a.maciejko@forummigracyjne.org



Our offer in a few words: Qualified trainers visit your school and leads lessons about migration - its reasons and effects.

Goal: Strengthening participants' attitudes of respect towards cultural diversity and building openness for contact with people from various regions of the world. Sensitization to the situations and experiences of their peers who have migration experiences. 

Age groups:

Project coordinator: Anna Maciejko, a.maciejko@forummigracyjne.org


"city language games.”

Goal: The games aim to strengthen students' languages competencies, supporting them in breaking language barriers in the use of foreign languages. Equally important, they aim to strengthen the self-esteem of students who speak in languages other than Polish (with an emphasis on strengthening the self-confidence of foreign students and Polish children with migration experience). Through this game, we also hope to strengthen the integration of class teams and shape students' attitudes of openness and interests in cultural and linguistic diversity.

Program outline: The game is interactive - students have a number of tasks to complete in city spaces and in order to complete them, they need to use foreign languages. Along the way, game participants meet people speaking in foreign languages and in some tasks they need to use new information technologies. The game's route includes visiting the Austrian Institute and Cervantes Institute among others. 

Project coordinator: Karolina Czerwińska, k.czerwinska@forummigracyjne.org

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