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We launch the action "Tribute to Olga Matwin"

We launch the action

Thanks to the initiative and generosity of Olga Matwin's husband - Staszek Matwin - we are launching the action "Tribute to Olga Matwin". We allocate a donation of PLN 10,000 to activities related to supporting migrants and migrant women, especially young people. It will primarily be psychological support.

Agnieszka Kosowicz, president of PFM, writes about Olga as follows:

Olga has accompanied our Foundation from the very beginning. I met her almost 20 years ago - while working at UNHCR. There were only a handful of organizations supporting refugees in Poland - we all knew each other, many things were missing - standards, regulations, procedures, experiences. We all just learned from a living organism, so many things happened for the first time. The job required a great deal of personal commitment (in fact, as it is today), risk-taking and difficult decisions. Organizations had little support, but many expectations. It was tough when I was organizing stress management workshops for refugee activists and NGOs on behalf of UNHCR - and Olga stepped onto the scene. 

It's rare to see a person so empathetic, yet so incredibly stable. Our annual meetings were an opportunity for all participants to look at their emotions. At the same time, they were also simply a meeting of friendship. Olga had the ability to create a friendly, open space around her. She was incredibly positive, cheerful and open. Ah, how she could listen! 

She was always seeking understanding. "Does it make sense? Makes sense for you?" she asked, talking about how the body's defenses to stress work. She was very mindful, a wonderful, wise woman. 

From the beginning, she was a good spirit of our Foundation. She often supported and gave energy and courage in difficult times. The very thought of her makes you smile. 

Olga passed away in July 2020, suddenly, as her friend said, "at the best moment of her life." For Olga, every moment was good to smile. Every moment was good for joy, support and closeness, 

I warmly think about her. Let our work with Olga in mind bring good fruit. 

Agnieszka Kosowicz

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