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Protection of unaccompanied children from Ukraine in Poland

Protection of unaccompanied children from Ukraine in Poland

Protection for Unaccompanied Children from Ukraine in Poland

Postulates of a cross-sector group of participants presented at the seminar organised on December 8th 
by ICMPD with Polish Migration Forum Foundation and Association for Legal Intervention under the project: Comprehensive support for people in a vulnerable situation in the Polish migration management system (KOMPLEKS).

The aim of the seminar was to support the exchange of knowledge and experience in providing assistance and protection to children separated from their parents and to unaccompanied children. The meeting was attended by representatives of NGOs, local authorities and academics who deal with the issue of unaccompanied children. In the course of the discussion, the group developed the following postulates:


With regard to the function of the institution of a temporary guardian:

Regarding the situation of children who came to Poland from foster care:




Border traffic/crossing

In terms of under-researched groups:


A note following the meeting was taken by:

Agnieszka Kosowicz, a.kosowicz@forummigracyjne.org

Warsaw, 9 December 2022


The seminar was attended by representatives:



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