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Training for teachers

Training for teachers


We conduct the following trainings at Polish Migration Forum Foundation:

   - "Psychological support for a child despite a language barrier - workshop for psychologists and school pedagogues working with multilingual children"

   - "Multilingual student - how to support integration, development and language potential"

   - "Child in a multilingual family - how to support development, how to provide support? Workshop for parents"

   - "Languages - a superpower! Working with a group of students linguistically diverse and supporting Polish language learning"

   - "Practical intercultural education workshops for teachers"

   - "Cultural and linguistic diversity in pre-schools. Practical intercultural education workshops for pre-school teachers" 

   - "Peer violence - what to do? Workshop for parents and teachers"

    - ... and more. 

We produce trainings in topics of anti-discrimination, integration, psychology (dealing with trauma linked to migration and refugeehood) and multiculturalism. We can also provide individual support for teachers, pedagogues and psychologists working with students with migration experiences. 

Schools and pre-schools can order customised trainings, e.g., directed towards Pedagogical Council, selected teachers, interested parents. 

We also invite you to apply for trainings and workshops. Information about them can be found in the Events tab as well as on Polish Migration Forum Foundation's fanpage.

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