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Publications and brochures

Publications and brochures

Since the beginning, Polish Migration Forum Foundation has been leading information-sharing activities - we believe that the foundation of good integration is providing reliable and comprehensive information about the obligations and rights of foreigners building a life in Poland. 

Our publications are addressed to:

 - Migrants living in Poland 

 - Teachers working with children and adolescents with migration experiences 

 - Poles living abroad 

 - Experts and researchers 

Among our brochures and publications you will find:

  • informational leaflets, e.g., "Free Legal Aid," "Employing an Attorney," "Polish Language and Legalisation of Stay"
  • materials for teachers and lesson plans, e.g., "How to teach about refugees?," "School of Multicultural Integration," "Different in Polish School"
  • brochures related to parenthood, e.g., "I am a mom in Poland. Informational guide for migrants expecting a child," "We are parents in Poland. Informational guide for migrant parents of children up to 6 years old."
  • brochures regarding finance and opportunities to raise funds for business development: "My finances in Poland" and "Money for starting and developing a business."
  • brochures for midwives: "Women of the world. Multiculturalism in perinatal care."
  • ... and more.

Our leaflets, informational guides and brochures are multilingual or published in various languages. They are always available in Polish, English and Russian. 

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