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Our Team

Our Team


The Board of polish migration forum Foundation is composed of:

Agnieszka Kosowicz - President of the Board - has been working for refugees and asylum seekers since 2000. She is PFM's founder. She is the initiator of various activities for refugees and migrants in Poland as well as an author and co-author of many publications on refugees, migrants and integration. She leads classes and workshops on migration and cultural diversity for children, adolescents and adults. At PFM, she creates projects, leads informational activities, workshops and trainings. She is a journalist by profession. Privately, she has three passions: travel, reportage and her garden.

E-mail: a.kosowicz@forummigracyjne.org

Karolina Czerwińska – Foundation Board Member – Graduate of cultural anthropology at Warsaw University, postgraduate studies in project management (Warsaw School of Economics) and humanitarian aid (Warsaw University). Board member of the Polish Migration Forum Foundation and program director, as well as a volunteer at the Border Group. For 10 years involved in the design and implementation of projects supporting social inclusion of refugees and migrants and oriented towards building intercultural dialogue. Representative of the public side in the monitoring committee of EU funds under the national program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland '2023.


The Council oF THE Foundation is composed of:

Karolina Grot - member of the Foundation Council 

Dr. Magdalena Lesińska - assistant professor at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw (CMR UW). Awarded a PhD in Political Science in 2006 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wrocław. Her PhD thesis was devoted to the comparative analysis of political inclusion of the immigrants in Western European countries. Her present research area includes migration policy at state and EU level, citizenship and naturalisation, political and public participation of immigrants, political activities of Poles living abroad, state policy towards Polish diaspora.

Dr. hab. Sławomir Łodziński - sociologist, experienced researcher in the functioning of refugees and migrants in Polish society. Advisor for the Parliamentary Commission on National and Ethnic Minorities. Author of numerous publications on integration of migrants in Poland as well as the perception of migrants by Poles. 

Dr. Helena Patzer - ethnologist, researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. Her field of interest includes migration anthropology, transnational connections and critical development of anthropology. 

Prof. Roman Wieruszewski - professor of law and outstanding expert in the international system of legal protection of human rights. Vice-chairman of the Academic Council at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Refugee Board, OSCE human rights expert, and member of the Advisory Legal Committee of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Prof. Jan Zamojski - professor of history for years specialising in issues of international migration. Head of the Migration Section at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences for many years. Producer of annual conferences hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences at the Institute of History and originator and editor of the annual "Migration and Society."

Our Team:

Karolina Czerwinska - Graduate of cultural anthropology at Warsaw University, postgraduate studies in project management (Warsaw School of Economics) and humanitarian aid (Warsaw University). Board member of the Polish Migration Forum Foundation and program director, as well as a volunteer at the Border Group. For 10 years involved in the design and implementation of projects supporting social inclusion of refugees and migrants and oriented towards building intercultural dialogue. Representative of the public side in the monitoring committee of EU funds under the national program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland '2023.

E-mail: k.czerwinska@forummigracyjne.org

Lali Tvalchrelidze - graduate of history and cultural studies. She has been working on projects catered to foreigners living in Poland for years. Currently, she fulfills the role of beneficiaries specialist at the Foundation. She works in Polish, Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian and English. 

Email: lali@forummigracyjne.org

Maciej Niezborała - graduate of corporate finance management from the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics. He completed the MATRIK School for Management Trainers, which is led by trainers with International Management Trainer Certificates. Since 2015, he deals with entrepreneurship in a broad sense, running a consulting company specializing in raising external capital for enterprises. He is the author of several dozen professional business plans and financial analyses that were admitted among others to commercial banks, investment funds and institutions managing European funds. He runs trainings and consultations related to entrepreneurship, obtaining financing and taxes.

Beata Staniszewska - child psychologist. She has many years of experience in working with children and their families, which she gained while working at the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic in Warsaw, in the Laboratory of Developmental Neuropsychology, the Neurosurgery Clinic, the "Monument - Children's Health Center" Institute and the "Our Kids" Center at the German Polish Ukrainian Society. He specializes in the diagnosis and neuropsychological therapy of children and adolescents. He diagnoses the difficulties of children with migration experience and supports them and their families in the adaptation process. He has an open doctoral dissertation at the Eastern European Institute of Psychology in Kiev.

Aleksandra Kochanowska - graduate of psychology at the University of Warsaw. She worked in the non-governmental sector with the elderly. Involved in equality, feminist and educational initiatives. At the Foundation, she coordinates a project involving seniors and migrants.

E-mail: a.kochanowska@forummigracyjne.org

Lesia Shykirava - beneficiary specialist

E-mail: lesia@forummigracyjne.org

Viktor Troyan - integration advisor

E-mail: v.troyan@forummigracyjne.org

Larysa Vychivska - multicultural assistant

E-mail: l.vychivska@forummigracyjne.org

Cao Hong Vinh - multicultural assistant

Katarzyna Janczewska-Arčon - psychologist, she works in English, Russian, Farsi and Polish.

Katarzyna Wojciechowska - coordinates on voluntary basis a  Material Aid Warehouse and is in charge of distribution of help to the border, to the centres for migrants, or wherever needed. 

E-mail: kasia@forummigracyjne.org

Małgorzata Skalska – midwife

Rita Rabinek - Intercultural assistant in schools

E-mail: r.rabinek@forummigracyjne.org

Iryna Kovalenko - Intercultural assistant in schools

Larysa Novakova - Intercultural assistant in schools

Hasina Rasouly - Intercultural assistant in schools

Mariana Guzar - Hotline, legalisation of residence

E-mail: m.guzar@forummigracyjne.org

Ewa Kokoszycka - Training for external partners

E-mail: e.kokoszycka@forummigracyjne.org

Sofia Azovtseva - Social worker + project with Google

E-mail: s.azovtseva@forummigracyjne.org

Ola Ośko - Team-leader; social workers, Afghan project

E-mail: a.osko@forummigracyjne.org

Fawad Omari - Caseworker, interpreter

E-mail: f.omari@forummigracyjne.org

Aleksandra Kuśnierkiewicz – Psychological support coordinator at SOC

E-mail: a.kusnierkiewicz@forummigracyjne.org

Agnieszka Carrasco-Żylicz - Psychologist

Lena Kaszycka – Psychologist

Sergei Kuznetcov - psychologist

Tania Szolubka - psychologist

Viktoria Prokopivnyk - psychologist

Stanislav Hotsuliak - Psychologist

Anastasia Padlikowska - Psychologist

Oksana Bolistovska Psychologist

Kinga Dominika Suchodolska Psychologist

Anastasia Goluk Psychologist


Sylwia Tarasiuk Child psychologist


Agnieszka Klimaszewska Psychologist

Anna Sałata Psychologist

Olha Shcherbaniuk-Chokan Psychologist

Aleksandra Zaborovskaia - Enrolment


Anna Dunin-Brzezińska Project manager - support of organisational changes


Kasia Sawko Volunteer Coordinator


Larysa Sugay Physiotherapist


Karolina Kotowska Communications officer


Justyna Różańska Project coordinator: Complex, Hello Neighbour


Iwona Pańczyk Accountant - external accounting office Emist

Katarzyna Sulima Record keeping

Joanna Skorycka Lawyer (Russian language)

Agata Glinka-Szczepańska Lawyer (English, French)

Agnieszka Kochanowska Secretariat

Weronika Brączek Coordinator of Mum Topics


Magda Sadura Protection Coordinator


Nadezhda Koshkina Hotline worker


Vladyslav Strebkov Foreigners Service and Registration Officer





Daniel Witko - lawyer from the Bar Association in Warsaw working with PFM since 2018. An expert in fundamental rights as well as migration and asylum law. Researcher and author of publications in the field of human rights. Experienced in leading monitoring activities and training in this subject in Poland and abroad. 

Sergiy Skorycki - lawyer

Marta Brzezińska-Hubert - trainer specialized in areas related to mobility, international volunteering and intercultural and non-formal education. Graduate of international relations from Poznań University of Economics and sociology and politics from the Centre for Social Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Lancaster University. She also completed the House of Skills School for Business Trainers and the European School for Erasmus+ Program Trainers. She has several years of educational and work experience abroad, including with migrants and refugees. Professionally, since 2005, she has been working with the Foundation for the Development of the Education System as well as with other educational institutions in Poland and abroad in terms of projects, trainings and workshops for teachers, students and prospective pedagogues along with other individuals working with children and teengers in a intercultural environment. She is an author and editor of several educational and training publications. At PFM, she works with children and teenagers by leading multilcultural and language city games in addition to training teachers.   

Hanna Kamińska - midwife, on a daily basis associated with St. Zofia Hospital in Warsaw. Since 2015, she has been co-operating the childbirth school within the project framework of "Jestem mamą w Polsce" (I am a mom in Poland). Mom to Jeremy, Stefan and Marianna who were born at home. She believes that pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing are elements of a consistent, loving and natural process. In her work, she convinces women that they are created for the safe, wonderful and very satisfying event that is childbirth. 

Larysa Sugay - volunteer at PFM. She is a health educator who graduated from Loma Linda University in California, USA, as a Master of Public Health and also holds a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy from the College of Rehabilitation in Warsaw. For about 15 years, she has been leading pro-health lectures on: lifestyle, basics of hygiene, child care, healthy cooking, etc., and has held such lectures in several countries in Africa: Madagascar, Uganda, RPA, Tanzania. 

Previous collaborators:

Inga Koralewska - worked at PFM from 2015-2017 handling promoting and fundraising. She represented PFM in the European Network of Migrant Women, where she was a board member from 2016-2018. Inga is a PhD student at the Institute of Sociology of Jagiellonian University and a tireless feminist activist.

Gaweł Walczak - is a cultural anthropologist dealing with the subject of migration and refugees in practice (currently as a project coordinator and previously as an intercultural mediator) as well as theoretically (as a social researcher and doctoral student at the Institute for Social Studies at University of Warsaw). He authored publications on refugees and migrants in Poland and Europe. Privately, he is an enthusiast of coffee and travels, including culinary ones. He is currently coordinating the project "My Career in Poland."

Alla Maievska - defended her PhD at Research Institute for Private and Enterprise Law APN in Kiev, Ukraine. She completed postgraduate European Union Law Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw. She is a lawyer with many years of experience providing legal support for foreigners. She is a trainer leading workshops and trainings about legalisation, communication and cultural adaptation for foreigners. An author of articles published in specialized press including civil law, labor law, taxation and legalisation of foreigners' stay in Poland. Her passion is travel - she has visited over 15 countries. 

Ksenia Szczerbań - is a trained economist. She is from Ukraine and has been living in Poland for two years now. She worked at the Foundation as a specialist recruiting beneficiaries for the project "My Career in Poland." She works with the commune library in Raszyn as a volunteer in the project "Embedding memory. Building a sense of community of Raszyn residents." She enjoys spending her free time learning German and Polish, working in her garden and spending time with her family. 

FORMER Volunteers and interns:

Angelica Jaje - student visiting Poland for an internship with the Centre of Migration Research at University of Warsaw. She is a graduate of cultural anthropology and Arabic studies from DePaul University in Chicago and is now pursuing her master’s degree in Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Her passions include human rights, especially refugee rights, as well as intercultural exchanges. At PFM, she supports the team in various projects and translates from Polish to English. 

Katarzyna Nocuń – graduate of Polish Studies from University of Warsaw. She worked as a journalist for the Polish Press Agency for 10 years and is now associated with the Daily Legal Newspaper. She joined PFM in 2018. As a volunteer, she has taught mathematics to 5 children from India. She almost exclusively reads non-fiction literature. She loves Warsaw, especially Grochów. 

Tetiana Demidko - graduated from Ukrainian language and literature. She used to work as a journalist and project manager for educational and ecological projects. Currently she works as a virtual assistant. She is passionate about art and Eastern cuisine. She has been helping PFM with Polish-Russian translations.

Rosario Ortega-Serrano - studied ancient history and gender studies in Madrid. She lived and worked in Crete and has been living and working in Warsaw for 6 years now. She loves Warsaw, Crete and gender equality.

Małgorzata Galińska - student at the Faculty of Polish Studies at University of Warsaw and a Polish language instructor. She is actively engaged in the organisation of film and theatre festivals in Poland as a volunteer. At PFM, she realizes her passion by teaching Polish to refugees and migrants. In her free time, she cooks plant-based food, reads and plans her future travels.

Emilia Wanat – graduate of Polish Philology and American Studies from Jagiellonian University. She works as a Polish language instructor for foreigners. She is interested in the integration of refugees and migrants in Western European countries. She was previously engaged in Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków as well as the association Multicultural Kraków. At PFM, she teaches the Polish language to foreigners. She loves American prose and British TV series and never starts a day without a cap of strong coffee.

Grzegorz Żabiński - fifth year psychology student at the Faculty of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Kraków also holding a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy at JU. Currently he works professionally as an online marketer. He areas of interest includes inter/cultural psychology and theories of intergroup conflict among other topics of psychology. Lately, in his spare time, his interests have been focused on current political affairs. He translates from Polish to English at PFM. 

Natalia Macioszek – student and feminist. Virtues of equality, solidarity and liberty are of great importance to her. She studies applied linguistics at University of Warsaw and participates in conferences on discrimination and human rights. She is also fond of literature and cinematography. She helps PFM with Polish-English translations.

Martina di Febo – studied Arabic and English Studies at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy. In addition, she also lived and studied in Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. During her stay in Jordan, she volunteered with several non-governmental organisations where she primarily worked with children with disabilities. During her free time, she practices yoga and enjoys photography. She joined PFM from March to September 2016 under the Erasmus internship program. As an intern, she worked with children at the Targówek Refugee Centre near Warsaw and supported recently arrived foreigners in Poland. 

Inez Książek – art historian. Her greatest passion is travel. Currently, she is preoccupied with refugee issues and their adaptations. She spends her free time learning languages, cooking and jogging. At PFM, she helps with translations for videos and promotional materials from Polish to English and vice versa. 

Konrad Srokowski – master’s student of social work in Australia, currently living in Warsaw. He taught English to children in Dharamsala, India and now teaches English to refugee children at the Targówek Refugee Centre near Warsaw. He also assists PFM with English-Polish translations. 

Małgorzata Chrostek – graduate of biotechnology and biology. At PFM, she helped with translating text for our website. She is a lover of animals and carrot cake. She is learning Spanish and wants to travel the entire world. 

David Cupina – programme advisor and coordinator at the Council of Europe as well as president of Centre of Strasbourg “La Station,” an association for LGBTI persons. As an Erasmus+ volunteer at PFM, he engaged in educational activities and led anti-discrimination trainings. 

Szymon Bogacz - PhD student at Jagiellonian University, graduate of philosophy and Buddhologist. He is an IT newbie, wannabe-feminist and vegan. At PFM, he dealt with books, the English version of the website and databases. 


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