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the whole world in our class 2022/2023
intercultural workshops for children and youth


the whole world in our class 2022/2023
the whole world in our class 2022/2023
intercultural workshops for children and youth

Intercultural workshops are designed for people of all ages:
Workshops for younger children look something like this. During the workshops, participants will meet several children who came to Poland from different parts of the world. Beautiful, hand-made dolls speak with the voice of the children during the workshops. Children will learn about different greetings
and cultural customs. The workshop meeting is also an opportunity to talk about why people leave their countries and look for happiness in Poland, why they differ in skin color and what they dream about.
Workshops for older children and adolescents are aimed at:
- emotional support of young people in connection with the war in Ukraine and the appearance of new friends at school,
- sensitizing students to the situation of forced migrants (refugees), especially from Ukraine,
- strengthening in children the attitude of respect for cultural and linguistic diversity and openness to contact with refugee children and immigrants from different countries,
- developing the ability to consciously analyze information and disinformation about refugees and migration phenomena,
- making students aware that their own lives are more interesting thanks to intercultural meetings.
We invite primary schools and kindergartens to participate!
We accept applications via the form:
The project is co-financed by the Education Office of the Capital City of Warsaw

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