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Individual consultations

Monday: 09.00-13.00.


Fundacja Polskie Forum Migracyjne
Warszawa Szpitalna 5/14
+48 692 913 993
Monday: 09.00-13.00.

We offer individual psychological consultations free of charge.


  • you feel lonely and would like to talk to someone,
  • you need support and want to talk about difficult experiences that have happened to you,
  • you feel that you are not dealing well with problems,
  • you are stressed or vice versa - you feel unable to take any actions,
  • you miss your homeland and your loved ones,
  • you face discrimination and you don't know how to handle it,
  • you experience or have experienced violence (physical, verbal, financial),
  • or you have any other reason...

...visit us and meet our psychologist!

Psychological consultations are free of charge. We provide them in Polish, Spanish and English.



  • tel. 692-913-993
  • email: zapisy@forummigracyjne.org form
  • on this website


About our psychologist:

Zuzanna Rejmer - intercultural psychologist, trainer and consultant on social skills, specializing in cross-cultural issues concerning working and living in a culturally diverse/different environment. She has been working with children and adults of different cultures since 2004 – giving consultations and trainings for intercultural groups, foreigners coming to Poland, Poles migrating abroad and professionals providing services for foreigners (e.g. vocational advisors, school psychologists). She is an author of many educational programs and publications on intercultural relations.


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