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Birth & Parenting Classes in English – april 2023


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Polskie Forum Migracyjne
Warszawa Górczewska 137
+48 692-913-993
Birth & Parenting Classes in English – april 2023
Birth & Parenting Classes in English – april 2023

The Polish Migration Forum Foundation invites you to participate in the Birth & Parenting Classes in English!
– the classes are free of charge;
– the classes are run by a midwife working in one of the hospitals in Warsaw and by an intercultural psychologist;
– the classes will be conducted in English;
– we invite mothers who are over the third month of pregnancy;
– we invite you to participate with a partner, a person who will accompany you during labour or solo,
– only foreigners who are citizens of countries outside the European Union can participate in the birth school for free.


+48 692-913-993

PLACE: Warsaw, ul. Górczewska 137

22/04/2023, at 10 AM – 5 PM, 23/04/2023, at 10 AM – 5 PM

During the Birth & Parenting Classes you will learn about the care for the childbirth in a Polish hospital, and what are your and your family's rights.
The thematic scope of the birth school includes:
– preparing for childbirth, choosing a hospital;
– we pack the bag for the hospital, prepare a layette for the baby;
– stages of labor;
– breast-feeding;
– after returning home - vaccination schedule, first walk, first bath;
– how to support a woman in childbirth?
In addition, the Polish Migration Forum Foundation provides information on the legalization of a child's stay in Poland and psychological support - we will tell you how to sign up with our specialists.


Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk – intercultural psychologist, Solution-Focused Therapy practitioner, ambassador of the Kids Skills method, graduate of the Perinatal Depression Support Academy for Women, who has been working with refugee and multicultural families since 2000. Since 2014, she has been supporting women in preparation for parenthood and the perinatal period. Marta runs support groups and workshops for parents. Supports children and young people who have experienced trauma, violence or discrimination. Provides training for professionals. Privately, mum of a teenager and a school pupil, so she never gets bored.
Hanna Kamińska - midwife, on a daily basis associated with St. Zofia Hospital in Warsaw. Since 2015, she has been co-operating the childbirth school within the project framework of "Jestem mamą w Polsce" (I am a mom in Poland). Mom to Jeremy, Stefan and Marianna who were born at home. She believes that pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing are elements of a consistent, loving and natural process. In her work, she convinces women that they are created for the safe, wonderful and very satisfying event that is childbirth.

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