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A series of online meetings with specialists - "I am a mother in Poland"
Child development meetings


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A series of online meetings with specialists -
A series of online meetings with specialists - "I am a mother in Poland"
Child development meetings


  • you are a mother of a child up to 6 years old, 
  • a foreigner from a country outside the European Union, currently living in Poland, 
  • you would like to meet with specialists supporting the proper development of the child, including psychologist, physiotherapist, dietitian...

...this program is for you!


03. 11. 2020, h. 12.00-13.00 - "Children's fears - how to deal with them, how to support a child?", expert: Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk, a child psychologist

06. 11. 2020, h. 12.00-13.30 - "Child's sensory development. What to pay attention to? When to visit an expert?", expert: Aleksandra Charęzińska

13. 11. 2020, h. 12.00-13.30 - "Sensory integration. Supporting development through play", expert: Aleksandra Charęzińska

10. 11. 2020, h. 12.00-13.00 - "Children's fears - how to deal with them, how to support a child?" part 2, expert: Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk, a child psychologist 

17. 11. 2020, h. 12.00-13.00 - "Milestones in the development of children up to 4 years of age. Developmental review", expert: Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk 

20. 11. 2020, h. 10.30-12.00 - "How to strengthen a child's immunity in the autumn-winter period", expert: Larysa Sugay, health educator

24.11.2020, h. 11.00-13.15 - "Sexual development of young children"

Soon we will confirm the dates and times of the next meetings, including:

  • "Strengthening immunity in children" - meeting with a pediatrician
  • "A little eaters, gourmands and other cases, i.e. about the correct diet of children" - meeting with a dietitian
  • Meeting on supporting children's sensory integration
  • Meeting with a physiotherapist about the child's motor development

How will the meetings look like? 

Project participants will receive a link to the Zoom communicator where the meetings will be held. They will have an interactive formula - you will be able to ask questions.

Participation in the series of online meetings "I'm a mother in Poland" is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The meetings will be held in Polish. If you would like to take part in them, but you do not speak Polish, please write us an e-mail: zapisy@forummigracyjne.org.

How to sign up?

  1. Fill out the form on this website. Make sure you fill in your email and telephone number correctly. 
  2. You will receive an email or telephone requesting you to complete the online Declaration of Joining the Project. It can be done online in two ways: - send us a photo or scan of the document on the basis of which you stay in Poland (residence card, visa + passport page with data); - OR complete and sign the Declaration in Adobe Fill & Sign. Detailed information on this subject is available HERE. Registration to the project is required by the grant giver who finances the series of meetings "I am a mother in Poland". 
  3. After completing the formalities, you will get access to a file with the meeting schedule with links and you start receiving e-mails with subsequent invitations to meetings.

The project "Support for the integration of foreigners in Mazovia" is co-financed by the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Program. Safe haven.

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