Dla Polaków w Wielkiej Brytanii

Abroad, the Polish authorities and administration represent Embassies and Consulates. There you can get help and information on the settlement of various matters in the UK.

What issues can be settled in the Polish Consulate in the UK?

  • visas:
    • national visa,
    • Schengen visa.
  • Passport:
    • 10-year passport,
    • temporary passport,
    • a passport for a minor.
  • Administrative change of name or surname.
  • Legalization of documents - Apostille .
  • Bringing the body or ashes to Polish.
  • Registration (location) of British civil status in Polish books of marital status.
  • Extraction copy of the marital status of the British registry office.
  • certificates:
    • certificate of good conduct, or information from the National Criminal Register,
    • certificate to the Military Commission Additions (HCR).
  • Marriage before the consul (only for Polish citizens).
  • Polish citizenship.
  • Certification of Polish citizenship.
  • Renunciation of Polish citizenship.
  • Mining copies testament certified by a court in England and Wales.

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