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hello, I'm an iranian and my fiance she's polish and we are together since 2010 while i was in india .we want to get married in upcoming months in istanbul. it's not possible to get married in my country as she has to convert to islam and i don't want that for her so turkey is our best option. on december 2012 she send me one invition letter in india and i couldn't get visa as they told me i have to apply from iran because i my student yoga course is over . my question is can i apply for resident permit(family visa) in polish consulate in istanbul with our marriage certificate or i have to back in my country and apply for visa from iran ?


The invitation letter is valid for one year - in this time you can use it to obtain a visa.

If you failed to receive the visa in India, you can still use the same invitation to apply for the visa in the Polish Embassy in Turkey, as long as your status in this country is regularised.

After marriage, you may just apply for the visa with this invitation letter and the marriage certificate, or you can apply for the temporary residence permit.

According to the Polish law you will only be able to apply for the permanent residency after you have been married to a Polish spouse for three years, and have resided in Poland for that period of time. So, for now only the temporary resident permit is an option open in your case (which can later be extended).

You can of course also apply for the Polish visa in your home country, based on the same documents. You will need a copy of your wife passport as well - take it along if you decide to go back to Iran and apply there.

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2013-03-07 21:18:01


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