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Hello, I would like to ask, is it possible to change the reason in application form for Karta Pobytu, even if the 45 days deadline finished. Let\'s say, if in the application form was shown PhD, but later it was cancelled due to some reasons, like getting a good job offer. What should one do in that situation? Thanks.


Yes, it is always possible to add documents to your application - as long as it was initially filed on time.

In your case it is important on what grounds your previous card was issued, and whether you are a graduate of Polish University (regular, day-course).

Foreign graduates of Polish universities have the right to work in Poland without a work permit. So, if you have completed your studies in Poland, you can continue your PhD and work at the same, without applying for work permit.

Yet, if you have studied elsewhere, or completed an evening-course for example, and arrived to Poland just now for PhD studies - than you do require a permit to start employment in Poland. In such case in order to receive a residence permit based on empoyment, you would need to present both a work agreement and a permit to work (for which, in Poland, the employer applies).

The advantage of holding a study-related residence permit is that you are free to change employers (having graduated in Poland first, as I said above).

The work-related residence permit need to be updated each time you change an employer or when the conditions of your employment change. By law, if you change a position within a company, or get a rise, your employer needs to seek a new permit for you - and you need to present it to the Voivodship Office. Failure to do so can result in the withdrawal of your residence permit.

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2013-09-20 11:20:21


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