Publications for foreigners

Finances in Poland

Information on money management for individuals - and migrant businesspeople. Brochure co-financed by the Polish National Bank. 6 language versions.  read more


I am a mom in Poland.

A publication for migrant mothers - information on pregnancy, delivery, your feelings and legalization of stay of the newborn baby.  read more


Legalization of stay for students (2014)

Temporary residence options for foreign students - new law on foreigners.  read more


Permanent stay in Poland for people with Polish roots (2014)

A leaflet on permanent residency for foreigners with documented Polish roots - new Law on Foreigners.  read more


Permanent residence permit in Poland (2014)

New law on foreigners - how to seek the right to permanent residence in Poland  read more


Long term EU Resident (2014)

New law on foreigners - documents necessary to apply for Long term EU Resident.  read more


Permit to stay and work (2014)

New law - unified permit to stay and work in Poland.  read more


Residence due to other reasons (2014)

New law on foreigners - legalization of stay due to "Other reasons".  read more


Family-based leglization (2014)

Family reunification - for spouses and children of Polish citizens and some groups of foreigners in Poland.  read more


EU Blue Card (2014)

New law on foreigners - legalization of stay for highly skilled workers.  read more


Business activity and legalization of stay (2014)

NEW LAW ON FOREIGNERS - legalization of stay based on conducting business activity in Poland.  read more


Delegated workers (2014)

Legalization possibilities for migrant workers delegated to work in Poland by foreign companies.  read more


Racism. Say it to fight it.

React to racism - a leaflet on what can you do, if this happens to you.  read more



What is discriminatory, and what is not. What one can do, feeling discriminated against.  read more


Schengen, SIS - what are they?

Information for migrants on travelling within EU.  read more


Official Time Limits

Certain actions in the legalization procedure can be only done in specific time. We explain how to calculate this time.  read more


Own company - and legalization

Establishing a firm by itself does not legalize one's stay in Poland. It is necessary to apply for a residence permit based on running a commercial activity.  read more


EU Blue Card

An update of a recent leaflet - for migrants with high skills.  read more


Marriage in Poland

Documents necessary for marriage, formalities and legal rights of foreign spouses in Poland.  read more


Unaccompanied children

When a child arrives to Poland without parents or guardians.  read more


Polish citizenship

Polish citizenship for foreigners - regulations and procedures.  read more


Polish citizenship for family members of Polish citizens

Information for spouses and children of Polish citizens.  read more


Legal Aid for Foreigners

Information leaflet on legal aid available for foreigners in Poland.  read more


EU Blue Card

New legalization possibilities for highly qualified foreigners.  read more


Abolition - and what next?

Information for foreigners, who were granted abolition in Poland in 2012.  read more


How to obtain Polish citizenship

Information leaflet for foreigners  read more


Before you employ an attorney

Employing an attorney, a foreigner puts his fate in someone elses hands. It is therefore crucial to ...  read more


Racism is against the law

Report a hate crime!  read more


Work in Poland - Important Information

Work in Poland - basic facts for foreigers.  read more


Work in Poland - without permit

Information leaflet for foreigners: who can work without work permits?  read more


Permanent stay in Poland for foreigners

Information leaflet for foreigners.  read more


Navigating Poland

Helpful information for Third-Country nationals.  read more


Legalization of stay in Poland

Information leaflet for foreigners - formalities and deadlines important while legalizing your stay in Poland.  read more


Legalization of stay - foreign students in Poland

Information leaflet for pupils, students and academics, who arrive to Poland to benefit from education.  read more


A Guide for Students

A Guide for foreigners planning to study in Poland.  read more


Rights of foreigners in administrative procedure

Information leaflet for foreigners  read more


Marriage in Poland

Information leaflet for foreigners  read more


How to enroll a child to school in Poland

Guide for parents-foreigners granted protection in Poland. Publication in Russian.  read more


Trafficking of children - leaflet for youth

A leaflet that can serve as a tool for adults to start dialogue about possible risks of trafficking. Prepared for youth in the risk group. Available in Ukrainina, Vietnamese, French, Polish and Romanian.  read more


Pregnancy and Delivery in Poland

Information brochure for foreign parents expecting a baby in Poland. In Russian.  read more


Waiting for asylum

Information leaflet and poster for asylum seekers. In Russian.  read more


Asylum procedure

How to seek asylum in Poland - step by step (in Russian and Georgian).  read more