Diary-dictionary. A tool which supports children with a migrant background in learning Polish.

Dear Teachers, Dear Parents!

We encourage you very much to get familiar with a recent publication...  read more


Legalisation of stay for students

When enrolling in studies in Poland, foreigners need to make sure to legalise their stay in the Polish Republic. The basis for legalisation of stay can be a visa, visa-free movement or a temporary stay permit.  read more


If you want to employ an attorney…

Quite often immigrants, scared of dealing with lots of paperwork and complex legalisation procedures, decide to seek professional help. They employ an attorney – someone to represent them in stay legalisation proceedings. Many attorneys are genuine professionals – but not all of them.  read more


Submitting an application for legalisation of stay

The leaflet step by step informs on the procedure of submitting an application for legalisation of stay. Information are relevant for foreigners living in Masovia viovodship.  read more


Polish language and legalisation of stay

Knowledge of the local language is always helpful in everyday life in another country, when looking for work and dealing with any other matters.  read more


Free legal aid

Legalisation of stay, starting work, studies, school education or establishing a business – in all these situations you may need some legal assistance or information about Polish regulations. There are places in Poland which offer free legal assistance and information.  read more


Refugees, welcome (away)

Accepting refugees in Poland, a local perspective. Research report (PFM, April 2016)  read more


For parents-migrants

When you migrate, and your children stay behind in Poland - information leaflet.  read more


Family Roads

About Polish children left behind by migrating parents.  read more


Transnational families - Advanced Training Programme

Educational program for experts working with families split by migration.  read more


Migrations online

An overview of websites related to migration and multiculturalism.  read more


CEED Institute Report: A one-way ticket? Migration in Europe from the perspective of CEE countries (2015)

The second report of CEED Institute focusses on the issue of Polish migration - and re-migration.  read more


CEED Institute Report:: Migration in the 21st century from the perspective of CEE countries – an opportunity or a threat? (2014)

 read more


Analysis and recommendations for change of the policy of locating asylum seekers centers

Joint report of Polish Migration Forum and Association of Legal Intervention.  read more


Analysis of the migration politics questionnaire

Ministry of the Interior and Administration report  read more


Racism in Poland (2010)

Testimonies of those, who experienced it.  read more


Integration of refugees and social assistance in Poland (SIP 2007)

Analysis of integration and social assistance made available to refugees and persons with subsidiary protection.  read more


Integration of Refugees - in numbers

Statistical data on refugee integration in Poland.  read more


Country of Origin Information - in EU asylum procedures

Report on how country of origin information is used in asylum procedures in the 27 EU Member States.

 read more


Access to Quality Education by Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children

The report is an element of UNHCR European effort to map gaps an challenges linked to access of asylum seeking and refugee children to education.
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