Integration of Refugees - in numbers

A Collection of statistical data describing state and NGO efforts to support integration of refugees in Poland over the years (most data presents information for years 2001-2007).

The publication contains i.a. the following data:

  • numbers and nationalities of asylum seekers and refugees recognized in Poland over the years;
  • statistical overview of the state integration programs for recognized refugees;
  • information on refugees and persons granted 'tolerated stay' status receiving social help;
  • data on refugees and persons granted 'tolerated stay' status benefitting from education in Poland and involved in Polish labour market;
  • academic research on refugee integration;
  • data on state and EU funding dedicated to this purpose.

Attached are two electronic versions of the book: in Polish and in English.

The publication published thanks to support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


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