Diary-dictionary. A tool which supports children with a migrant background in learning Polish.


Dear Teachers, Dear Parents!

We encourage you very much to get familiar with a recent publication, published by Polish Migration Forum Foundation: "Diary-dictionary". It's a tool which supports children with a migrant background in learning Polish. It can be used in a one-to-one work at home (with a parent) or at schools.

What is a “Diary - Dictionary”?

It’s a simple tool which helps learn Polish. It’s a type of diary. With some help from adults (parents and/or teacher) the child records important events from their life every day in the “Diary – Dictionary”. They can write about what happened at school and at home or about things that are about to happen. 

The “Diary – Dictionary” was created on the basis of a technique used in speech-psychological therapy, known as a “Diary of Events”. Extensive experience of therapists who use that method shows that keeping a diary of events accelerates learning of the language, helps build the child’s sense of security in different social situations and supports their emotional development.

How to use the “Diary – Dictionary”?

1) dzienniczek-slowniczek_do uzupełniania.pdf – a notebook with several dozen pages which is a template for the child to make their own entries.

2) dzienniczek-slowniczek_inspiracje.pdf - here you can find ready dialogues relating to different situations from the life of a school.

3) dzienniczek-slownik uczuc.pdf - a set of emoticons with an indication of the emotions and feelings that they represent.

4) short guide for parents - several language versions

5) a guide for teachers

6) posters in several language versions

On 12/09/2019 we're planning a training when we'll introduce teachers to use the "Diary-dictionary" method.

The publication was created in the frames of the “Languages – Superpowers! Reinforcing the Linguistic Skills of Pupils from Warsaw’s Primary Schools”
which is co-financed with funds from the capital city of Warsaw.


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