Medical advice online

Global market of services for Polish citizens abroad is rising – Polish Migration Forum has accepted the request to share the informations about medical advice website among our followers.

We are not able to verify the medical information and the quality of the service – it is not our branch – but we are willing to share the informations about the possible services for Polish citizens abroad.

Patients, who have used the service seem to be satisfied with it. It is worth attention, that there is a possibility to share the results of medical tests presented in English along with the questions send to the doctors.

The service offers many specialsts, for instance a dentist, a psychologist and a dietician. Patient receives an answer in Polish in only few days.

To obtain an advice it is required to complete an easy registration process on the website and make a 20 Euro payment.

The doctors on the website highlight that the online advice will not replace the visit to the doctor but it is enough to make the patient understand the diagnosis made in other language or consult with the doctor while being abroad.