For Poles aborad

Organizations working in Poland

  • –a website of The Center for Women’s Rights commited to fight discimination and violence against women. On the website there are nformations on forms of help provided by the centre and helpline phone number for women.
  • – Family Counselling Centre for Violence Counteract – every person that is a victim of violence, psychological as well as physical, can receive help in the centre. Psychologists from the Clinic give counsel by email. Help is provided for free and financed by the the Warsaw City Council. Counselling email: – questions are answered by a psychologist.
  • – the Polish Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence website – you can find here many advices and phones to specialists, who give advices, even legal ones, for free. The help is also available for those who are victims of crimes or are in danger of becoming a victim. 
  • - website with addresses of institutions (all over Poland) that offer help for those in critical situations.
  • – website and phone number to free Polish phone counselling center for people in emotional crisis.
  • – compendium of informations on alcoholism and organisations that help alcoholics and their relatives.
  • - website where you can solve the test “Check, if you drink wisely”
  • - forum for alcohol addicts and people who live with alcoholics, a place where you can exchange experiences, receive informations and support.

Help in Great Britain:

  • – website of Polish Psychologists' Association in Great Britain. The association provides free help to the Polish community based in UK. Association offers free help for Polish individuals in trouble. There is a telephone number available for helpline as well as links to other aid organizations working in Great Britain. Additionaly, the association offers meetings and workshops for women.
  • the timetable of Anonymous Alcoholics meetings for Polish speaking groups in Great Britain.

Help in Ireland:

Help in Spain: