About us

The Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM) was created in 2007 to promote the rights of migrants in Poland.

It is registered in the Polish court, KRS, at the number 0000272075.

PFM holds a status of a "Public Benefit Organization" (OPP).

Our aims

In PFM we want Poland to be a country, where people of different races, religions and cultures want to cooperate and understand each other. We believe that people are equal regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, views, religion or other factors. We wish humans to enjoy human rights, and people to be treated with respect, regardless of where they come from.

This is why we support and develop initiatives that lead to dialogue of people representing various cultures, mainly in Poland. We also work with Polish migrants abroad, and support families affected in some way by migration.

The ways we work

We love undertaking new, pioneer ideas and doing things noone else does. We were the first in Poland to launch an online information service for migrants, first pre-birth courses for migrant mothers, first online counselling service for migrants, first network of libraries hosting collection of migrant literature, we were first to use new technologies in our information work for migrants. We just like new ideas - and we have more of those all the time!

Yet, we stay focussed in the areas of work, where we are experts. The PFM team gets involved in initiatives linked to information and education. We believe that knowledge is an important tool to build openness and understanding. 

In our work we follow the rules of respect to other people, honesty, professionalism. The Foundation is run by a small, but energetic team. Those values are important to us in our private lives. We do what we believe is right. We are open for dialogue and cooperation with people sharing this way of thinking.

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