Our Team

The Foundation is managed by the Board, and supervised by the Foundation's Council.

The Council of the Polish Migration Forum Foundation is composed of:

Dr hab. Sławomir Łodziński
a sociologist, experienced researcher in the functioning of refugees and migrants in the Polish society. The Advisor of the Parliamentary Commission on National and Ethnic Minorities; author of numerous publications on integration of migrants in Poland, as well as perception of mirants by the Poles.


Prof. Roman Wieruszewski
The Professor of Law; outstanding expert in the international system of legal protection of human rights. The Deputy of the Academic Council of the Law Institute in the Polish Academy of Science, member of the Refugee Board, OSCE human rights expert, member of the Advisory Legal Committee of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Prof. Jan Zamojski
A Professor of History, for years specialising in the issues of international migration. For many years - head of the Migration Section of the Institute of History at the Polish Academy of Science. The author of annual conferences hosted by the Academy of Science, and editor of the annual "Migration and Society".


The Board of the Foundation is composed of:

Agnieszka Kosowicz - President of the Board
She has been working for refugees since 2000. For six years - responsible for external relations in the Warsaw Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The editor of "From the Foreign Land" bulletin (2000-2006), "Refugee" (2006-2007); an author of variety of different initiatives and undertakings that promote integration of migrants in Poland. A journalist. Within PFM she initiates integration initiatives for migrants and refugees, and coordinates most of our information/publications work. An author of many articles on migrants and refugees, co-author of numerous publications on this topic. She coordinates the PFM's website.
Passionate about travelling. Enjoys good literature, reportage and gardening.


Anna Maciejko
Started her involvement with the asylum matters already while in University - her dissertation work talked about integration of refugees in Poland. A graduate of the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights' Human Rights School. In 2006/2007 together with Zuzanna Olszewska she conducted an independent research project on Chechen refugees in Central Europe. Organized numerous trainings and workshops for refugees and about refugees. Comes from Zakopane, loves trekking and skiing in the Tatra mountains. Appreciates good film and literature.


Zuzanna Rejmer
Multicultural psycholgists, trainer and advisor in issues connected to social skills and multicultural competence. She works with persons representing various countries on a daily basis. An author and coordinator of projects supporting migrant pupils in Polish schools. She also supports adult migrants in their adaptation to the new country and culture, and in their efforts to grow in their professional and personal potential. She trains Poles going abroad and working with migrants. An author of articles, publications and programs on multicultural relations.


Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk
Multicultural psychologist, member of the Polygone international network of trainers. She has been working with refugees since 2000 (on mission in Kosovo). Conducted international projects in various countries. Her specialty - supporting Poles in developing good relations with foreigners, and supporting foreigners in adapting to new culture, developing professionally and personally. Author of several projects and publications on multicultural communication, psychology and education. While training, focusses on empowering the participants. And in private? Mom to Hela and Stefek, vivid traveller, dancer and skier.


Our Team:

Karolina Czerwinska - cultural antropologist, in PFM in charge of projects relating to family and motherhood. Our expert in all new technology issues.

Gaweł Walczak - cultural antropologist, dealing with migration and asylum issues both from practical angle (as project coordinator and multicultural mediator) and from the theoretical one (as a social researcher, and Phd student of the Institute of Social Studies at the Warsaw University). Author of many publications on refugees and migrants in Poland and Europe. Enjoys coffee! And travels - also the culinary ones.

Volunteers and interns:

Rosario Ortega-Serrano - studied ancient history and gender studies in Madrid. Rosario lived and worked in Creta. She has been living and working in Warsaw for 6 years. Rosario loves Warsaw, Creta and gender equality.

Tetiana Demidko - graduated from Ukrainan language and literature. She used to work as journalist and interview and project manager. Currently she works as a virtual assistant. She loves art and Eastern cuisine. She has been helping PFM with the Polish-Russian translation since 2015.

Małgorzata Galińska - student of Polish Language, she works as a lector of Polish. She is actively engaged in organization of film and theatre festivals in Poland. In PFM she is teaching Polish refugees and migrants. In her free time, Gosia cooks vegan food and plans her future travels.

Emilia Wanat - graduated from Polish Philology and American Studies on Jagiellonian University. She works as a Polish teacher for foreigners. She is deeply interested in refugees and migrants integration in Europe. Previously engaged in Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow and Wielokulturowy Kraków association. In PFM her main task is teaching Polish language to foreigners. She loves American prose and British tv series. She never starts a day without a cap of strong coffee.

Grzegorz Żabiński - 5th year psychology student (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, Department of Philosophy), also holds BA in philosophy (also JU). Currently professionally an online marketer. Among other topics in psychology, interested in inter/cultural psychology and theories of intergroup conflict. His latest spare time interests focus on current political affairs. In PFM he translates from Polish to English. 

Natalia Macioszek – student, feminist & left-winger. Equality, liberty and fraternity are for her virtues of great importance. She studies applied linguistics at the University of Warsaw, participates in conferences on discrimination and human rights. She is also fond of literature and cinematography. Natalia helps PFM with Polish-English translations.

Previous volunteers:

Szymon Bogacz is PhD student (Jagiellonian University), trained philosopher, and buddhologist, an IT newbie, wannabe-feminist, and vegan. In PMF he helps with books, English version of the website, and databases.

David Cupina - Programme Adviser and Project Co-ordinator at the Council of Europe and Chair of the LGBTI Centre of Strasbourg “La Station”.

Martina di Febo was our new Erasmus intern. She spent four months in Jordan where she experienced what does it mean for a developing country to host a huge amount of refugees. She works with refugee children in Targówek and as a intercultural assistent.

Inez Książek - graduated from art history. An enthusiastic traveler, always preoccupied about refugees and adaptation issues. She spends her free time learning languages, cooking and jogging. She helps PMF with English-Polish translations.

Konrad Srokowski - an Australian Masters of Social Work student currently living in Warsaw. At the beginning of this year Konrad spent time teaching English in Dharamsala, India and now teaches English to refugee children in Targówek. Konrad also assists PMF with English-Polish translations.

Małgorzata Chrostek - Biology and Biotechnology graduate, In Foundation helps with Polish-English translations. Animal  and carrot cake lover. Learns Spanish and wants to travel the whole world.

Grzegorz Żabiński - 5th year psychology student (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, Department of Philosophy), also holds BA in philosophy (also JU). Currently professionally an online marketer. Among other topics in psychology, interested in inter/cultural psychology and theories of intergroup conflict. His latest spare time interests focus on current political affairs.